Studying in Indiana – Call Yourself a “Hoosier?”


There are a couple of ways you can consider yourself a “Hoosier.” You can be born and raised in Indiana, or you can live here long enough for the state to consider you one of its own.

American Icons such as James Dean and Steve McQueen are true “Hoosiers” and Abraham Lincoln, although born in Kentucky, was also raised here. Each year thousands of international students seize the opportunity to receive an excellent education in a rich and diverse state that is steeped in history. Transworld investigates…

Indiana has long been referred to as “the crossroads to America”. However, pick a pair of antonyms, past and present, vintage, and contemporary that all refer to the old meeting the new and that is a great way, to sum up, the state of Indiana. Whilst parts of Indiana still have people living as they have for thousands of years, such as the Amish community, by contrast, you also have cosmopolitan cities buzzing with contemporary art and architecture as well as the busy bars and nightlife.

It would also be fair to describe Indiana as a state that can boast some of the most breath‐taking scenery in the USA and for those with an interest in outdoor pursuits this state will definitely have something for you enjoy. It is also a state that is heavily committed to its sport. Home to the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Indiana Sports Corporation athletes and students alike are able to take part in national sports events and classes within world-class facilities.

So, whatever your interests, Indiana has something for everyone. Here is a brief summary of each section of this diverse state:

Northern Indiana:

Famous for the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore that offers 25 miles of shore alongside the infamous Lake Michigan ‐ providing breathtaking scenery and opportunity for a plethora of outdoor activities. Stunning views of the Lake are recommended to the more adventurous type at the top of Mount Baldy – just 135 feet up!

Northern Indiana is also home to the Amish community who continues to live the simple and serene life as they have for thousands of years. Whilst comparably this community may live at a slower pace creative endeavors are heavily encouraged from the traditional skills of quilt making to other works of art.

Southern Indiana:

Southern Indiana is filled with fascinating living history – both natural and man-made. The Ohio River provides “River Country”. You will also find a Fossil Bed in the Ohio State Park stretching over 220 acres that go back over 386 million years. To any avid geologist, this is also home to Squire Boone Caverns and Caves that contain an incredible collection of stalactites, stalagmites, and cave coral. However, if you prefer to go above ground there is also the Hoosier National Forest which provides another opportunity for a large number of outdoor pursuits. However, it is its political history that interested you Southern Indiana is home to Abraham Lincoln’s childhood. A memorial tracks his move to southern Indiana when he was just seven years old and his life growing up in the river country.

Eastern Indiana:

Like many parts of Indiana pick a pair of antonyms that basically mean the old and the new and you will have described perfectly the eastern parts of Indiana. For example, take a trip to Fort Wayne – Indiana’s second-largest city (population over 200,000) and you can enjoy antique shops and museums alongside modern art and architecture. For those with a sweet tooth why not take a visit to Abbots candy shop who has been making candy since 1890 or why not indulge yourself at the Ghyslain Chocolatier.

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